At MEDGULF, we believe that nurturing a rewarding work environment and helping our team grow to their fullest potential is a key factor in our ability to provide superior services for our customers.

Every member of the MEDGULF team is treated with respect and integrity, providing you with opportunities for career advancement and growth regardless of your management level or position in the organization. Our goal is to build success stories for every colleague that we can all be proud of.

We cultivate a pleasant and fun environment with a constant stream of staff events and activities, and we are always there for all our employess in their time of sorrow and joy.


Work Environment

MEDGULF is known for building a professional and progressive work environment that rewards achievement, nurtures career growth, embraces diversity and believes in the vital role of women in national prosperity.

MEDGULF believes in giving every member of society a chance to be active participants in the nation’s growth. Indeed, a growing number of talented women now constitute 20% of the MEDGULF team, playing important roles in various departments across the organization. MEDGULF also actively hires disabled individuals, opening career opportunities and providing them all the tools and support they need to be productive.

As an organization, MEDGULF embraces the family of accents, languages, traditions and cultures that make us who we are: a richly diverse and multi-skilled organization dedicated to one shared goal — to serve our customers with the highest standards of excellence.


Training and Development

At MEDGULF, our aim is to attract the best and most qualified talent and provide you with the opportunity to build a promising career in the insurance industry. Our newly-created Talents Management team in HRD is specifically focused on finding the best new graduates to join our team.

At MEDGULF, we believe that people are our most important asset, and we are committed to helping our staff develop their skills to the fullest. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of specialized training programs for various management levels and different areas of expertise in the insurance business. These specialized training programs have been designed to power your professional growth and enhance the overall quality of the MEDGULF team.

MEDGULF is one of the first companies in the insurance industry to create an internal Labor Committee certified by the Ministry of Labor. This committee is specifically designed to promote a better work environment and enhance productivity.

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